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Excell Medical Reporting

A MedCo Tier 2 Accredited Agency

Excell Medical Reporting, a MedCo Tier 2 accredited agency, delivers superior quality, efficiency and patient journey via a UK wide network of vetted & audited experts.

Excell’s experienced team facilitates speedy instruction of appropriate local medical experts and guarantees a rapid turnaround of reports.

Any treatment or intervention recommended within an Excell report can be quickly and easily arranged through a well-established rehabilitation company with more than 15 years’ experience in providing rehabilitation in Personal Injury claims.

Excell provides initial, secondary and addendum medico-legal reports on all types of personal injury claims including Motor, Employers Liability, Public Liability & Clinical Negligence. As a Tier 2 accredited organisation, Excell can process report requests for soft tissue injuries on Low-Value claims via the MedCo portal. For all other injury & claim types, reports can be requested directly via the Excell website.

Excell provides ongoing support to patients from the point of referral, where contact is always made within 24 hours. Appointments can be offered at times & in locations that are completely convenient for the patient. Confirmation & communication occurs both verbally and via SMS, which results in very low ‘DNA’ rates, and a consistently high level of service being delivered to every individual that is referred to Excell.

Excell uses sophisticated, purpose-built case management software, overseen by a highly experienced team across the rehabilitation sector and high volume marketplaces. Excell is passionate about providing the best possible customer service at all times and can handle any volume of reports due to its capacity for quick & easy scalability.

Excell’s complete and clear audit facility under the clinical guidance of the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Alex Smallwood ensures a robust clinical quality review process where each report is checked to ensure that recommendations & prognosis periods are justified and evidence-based. Using real-time governance review capabilities, Excell can guarantee that all clinicians are actively registered with the GMC and their appropriate governing bodies

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